Conférence internationale sur la technologie, la science et le changement climatique,


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Environmental pollution is practiced world-wide and displays an increasing trend both in developed and developing countries. In order to provide a steady and sustainable development, organic management systems should address climate change issues that gain increasing importance as the trade becomes more globalized.

Renewable Energy is not only a new trend in Modern Society, but it is a necessity to fulfill all the basic principles during implementation and consider the impact of organic management system at farm, regional or global level. We are targeting to bring together a large number of experts and participants for the conference.


The effect of Climate Change on social and economic stability of nations will also be discussed.


•             Why organic agriculture, for advanced quality and safety of food, to save our environment and our old planet, or to increase welfare of all the actors?

•             The role of Engineers and Scientist in climate change mitigation

•             How can organic food and non-food production cope with the increasing environmental problems at regional, national or world level?

•             Role of Science and Technology in Climate change, storms, landslides and flood control

•             Environmental health and Natural medicine

•             How does Climate Change affect economic growth?

•             How do we foster the use of Renewable Energy?

•             Does current marketing of organic products address environmental concerns more than the conventional?

•             Rising sea level and impacts on our regular way of life

•             Water pollution and water resources management – reducing water borne diseases and erosion/flood control

•             Which institutions will continue supporting and promoting Renewable Energy?

•             Which countries will prefer to adopt policies to support and apply ecological methods?




*Climate Change Mitigation *Flood and Flood Control *Air Pollution and Public Health *Effects of air pollution on public health *Sources of air pollution *Air pollution monitoring and modeling *Air pollution prevention and control *Urban/indoor air pollution and control *Air quality measurement and management *Global Water Resources and air pollution *Renewable Energy Systems *Early warning systems for disaster management *Land and Mud Slides *Role of Science and Technology in climate mitigation *Biodiversity and Forest Management.


Other topics related to water pollution: *Water Quality and Public Health:*Purification of drinking-water supplies *Treatment, disposal and discharge of waste-water *New waste-water treatment technologies *Methods of monitoring water quality *Modeling and measuring of water pollution *New water purification technologies *Ground water pollution control *Water resources and quality assessment *Water resource protection and sustainable use *Hydro-biology and water pollution.

Conveners: Renewable Energy Experts:  45A, Sanforth Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8RS, UK. Phone: +447086464969, Fax: 07024015943.


Important Dates to note:


    31st January 2014, Deadline for abstract submission

    10th February 2014, Notification of acceptance

    20th February 2014, Deadline for full paper submission

    1st – 6th March 2014, Conference dates



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