3rd Edition of the Forest Peoples Festival.



The 3rd Edition of the "Nkul Mekwamb" Forest Peoples Festival will be held from 26 to 29 July 2017 in Bertoua under the theme: Culture and Education: Keys to sustainable development.


For more information about the festival, please download the following documents:

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Upcoming Events

Cairo WoodShow’s 3rd edition.

This calendar is based on information provided by COMIFAC and the Franco-German support office is considered a complementary event schedule to the official calendar posted on COMIFAC's website. (http://www.comifac.org/events). It offers a broad overview of international and regional events that are directly linked to CBFP's objectives: major conferences and meetings, workshops and training sessions and other activities scheduled by CBFP Facilitation and its member organisations. 

Our choice is by no means exhaustive and depends largely on our partners' notice. Every partner organisation is thus welcome to contribute to a rich variety of posted events and to share its schedule with CBFP's Facilitation and the other members! We may also, upon request, forward your input to the COMIFAC webmaster.