A new member of the great CBFP family: Welcome to the Alliance for the Conservation of Great Apes in Central Africa (French abbreviation: Alliance ACMG)



Brussels, 22 December 2017- The Alliance for the Conservation of Great Apes in Central Africa (Alliance ACMG)" has officially joined the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP). As part of the application process, Alliance GSAC submitted the required documents and agreed to abide by the CBFP members’ cooperation framework in promoting sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa.



Established in October 2016 in Limbe (Cameroon) and incorporated on 27 February 2017 at the Yaoundé City Council, the Alliance for the Conservation of Great Apes in Central Africa, abbreviated in French as Alliance ACMG, is a sub-regional network of local NGOs active in the conservation of great apes in Central Africa.



The network aims to strengthen the overall capacity of the Congo Basin’s civil society involved in the conservation of great apes and their habitat, while fostering the development of local communities living in the area and around these habitats in the sub-region. All the NGOs in our network have been working actively on the ground with local communities in priority landscapes of the CBFP for several years now.



Alliance ACMG aims to provide a platform for the local communities and African NGOs working with them in the area of the conservation to make their voices heard at the sub-regional and international levels.



By joining the CBFP, the Alliance ACMG undertakes to foster the conservation of the Congo Basin’s biodiversity, mainly by complying with interventions to promote the well-being of local populations through sustainable development, sound management of forest resources and conservation of the unique biodiversity of Central Africa’s forests which is considered as a common world heritage, as stated in the cooperation principles of the CBFP.


The European Facilitation of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership is very pleased to welcome Alliance ACMG as a new member of the CBFP.

Welcome to our new partner « Alliance for the Conservation of Great Apes in Central Africa (Alliance GSAC) »!



Contact:  Mr. TATI Guillaume, Secretary General of Alliance ACMG.

Email :  guillaume.tati@esi-congo.com.



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