CBFP Partners Launch CAFI Initiative on Forests ... Central African Forests Better Protected...



Central African Countries and International Partners Launch Initiative to Prevent Tree Loss, Boost Incomes in Rainforest facing Increased Deforestation.





The Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) is a collaboration between the United Nations, World Bank, Brazil, Germany, Norway, France, United Kingdom and European Union and six Central African countries; Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.


The initiative has the objective to mitigate climate change, reduce poverty, and contribute to sustainable development. The CAFI Multi-Donor Trust Fund, managed by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office, will enable donors to deliver efficient and predictable multi-year, country-based funding for the initiative. Find out more:Here




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The official press release

A two-page brief summary

A compilation of international media coverage links



News - Six African Countries Launch CAFI Initiative on Forests: Here


Norway supports new initiative in Central Africa - Norway will contribute up to 400 million NOK per year from 2016-2020: more here...



Central African Forest Initiative launched: Here


Helen Clark: Speech at the launch of the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI)


Central African Forests Better Protected: Here


The new Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI)


A compilation of international media coverage links



English :

6 nations join effort to protect world's 2nd-largest tropical forest (USA)

African nations and donors agree plan to protect Congo forests (UK)

Challenges ahead, but Congo forest deal a promising first step


Congo Basin forest protection plan (BBC UK, Audio)

Congo forest initiative welcome but “must be followed by meaningful action” (UK)

Countries team up to halt African deforestation (UK)

New agreement yields hope for saving world’s second-largest rainforest (USA)


Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin (USA)

Norway pledges $47M/yr to help Congo countries save forests (USA)

UN launches initiative to save world's second largest rainforest



French :

Bassin du Congo : lancement de l’Initiative forêt de l'Afrique centrale (Congo)

Lancement de l'Initiative Forêts en Afrique centrale (Canada)


Other :

Congo: 11 nazioni insieme per ridurre la deforestazione (Italy)

Europa quer travar a desflorestação (Portugal)

Norge gir penger til bevaring av regnskogen i Afrika(Norway)

Norge støtter nytt regnskoginitiativ i Sentral-Afrika(Norway)

Nytt initiativ for bevaring av Kongo-regnskogen(Norway)

Świat walczy o lasy (Poland)


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International Day of Forests 2019

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests (IDF) in 2012. The Day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. On each International Day of Forests, countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns. The theme for each International Day of Forests is chosen by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. The theme for 2019 is Forests and Education.


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Welcome to our new partner the Earth and Life lnstitute of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)!!!

Brussels, March 12, 2019, The Earth and Life institute of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), has officially joined the members of the Congo Basin Forests Partnership (CBFP). As part of the accession process, the Earth and Life institute of the UCLouvain submitted the required documents and agreed to abide by the CBFP members’ cooperation framework in promoting sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa

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Minister of State François-Xavier de Donnea takes part in sub-regional workshop of climate negotiators of the COMIFAC Climate Working Group.

The COMIFAC Climate Working Group held a workshop from 05 to 07 March 2019 in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). The purpose of the meeting was to decode COP 24, prepare for future events under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and validate the concept notes of regional projects.


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High-level working luncheon between Heads of EU Diplomatic Missions in Equatorial Guinea and Minister of State François-Xavier de Donnea, Belgian Facilitator of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership

On March 5, 2019, His Excellency Mr. Fred CONSTANT, French Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, hosted a high-level working luncheon during the visit of Minister of State François-Xavier de Donnea, Belgian Facilitator of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership to Malabo.

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Malabo’s (Equatorial Guinea) highest authorities rally around organization of 7th CBFP Council Meeting scheduled for June 2019

Minister of State François-Xavier de Donnea, Belgian Facilitator of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership was received in audience on the one hand, by Mr. Pedro Antonio OLIVEIRA BORUPU and Mr. Santiago Francisco ENGONGA OSONO, respectively the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock and the Secretary of State for Forests and the Environment, and on the other hand, by the Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs of Equatorial Guinea.

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CBFP Mission to Libreville: CBFP Facilitator meets with Vice-President and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Gabon

Following his discussion with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the CBFP Facilitator talked with the Vice-President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Pierre Maganga Moussavou who reaffirmed the commitment of the Head of State. He expressed the wish that logging companies and large plantations would invest in improving the livelihoods of local populations in their operating areas, and especially improving their habitat.

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CBFP Mission to Libreville: Minister of State François Xavier de Donnea discusses with technical and financial partners

The CBFP Facilitator had several working meetings with, amongst others: Ambassador François Fall, Special Representative of the United Nations SG for Central Africa; the Deputy Secretary General of ECCAS, Ms. Marie-Thérèse Mfoula; Ambassador Helmut Kulitz, accompanied by Mr. Jean Huchon and Ignacio Sobrino from DUE and Ms. Muriel Soret from the French Embassy; representatives of the ADB, the World Bank and UNODC in Libreville.

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CBFP Mission to Libreville: Facilitator meets with Gabon’s private sector

The CBFP Facilitator held discussions with Ms. Jacqueline Van De Pol, ITTTA representative (International Technical Tropical Timber Association) in Libreville and Mr. Lee White, Executive Secretary of Gabon’s National Agency of National Parks.

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