COMIFAC - GTBAC 11: SGT-PFNL (Non Timber Forest Product Sub-Group) established in Douala

SGT-PFNL (Non Timber Forest Product Sub-Group) is established, the 2011 roadmap is adopted and 14 recommendations and resolutions are formulated on the implementation of the decisions of the tenth Conference of Parties (COP10) on the Convention on biological diversity (APA Protocol, strategic plan (2011-2020), etc.), the APA sub-regional strategy of COMIFAC countries and the functioning of national PFNL consultative committees. These are the major outcomes of the eleventh GTBAC meeting.


From 1 to 4 March 2011 was held in Douala, Cameroon, the eleventh GTBAC meeting on the implementation of the decisions of the tenth Conference of Parties (COP10) on the Convention on biological diversity and the fifth meeting of parties to the Cartagena protocol on the prevention of Biotechnological risks (MOP5) and the putting in place of the Non Timber Forest product sub-working group. The meeting was attended by more than 20 participants, mostly Biodiversity National Focal Points from COMIFAC countries, members of COMIFAC Executive Secretariat, CEEAC representative, representatives of international organizations and the civil society (UICN, FAO, ICRAF, REFADD), GIZ project representatives, representatives of the capacity building Initiative for APA Africa and of CBFP. The workshop was organized by COMIFAC Executive Secretariat, with the financial support of GIZ project, the capacity building Initiative in terms of access to Biological / genetic resources and for the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits of their use for Africa and of the FAO.


Two specific objectives of the workshop was (1) to discuss the modalities of the implementation of the strategy of COMIFAC countries with regard to the APA adopted by the Council of Ministers in November 2010, and (2) to examine and validate the TOR for the putting in place of PFNL sub-working-group within GTBAC.


For five consecutive days with many communications in plenary, participants listened to exposés structured around eight aspects, including: (1) Evaluating the implementation of GTBAC 10 resolutions and recommendations; (2) CdP10 Report; (3) RdP5 Report; (4) Report of the Pan African workshop on APA; (5) the importance of PFNL in poverty eradication and for food security in Central Africa; (6) PFNL/GTBAC sub-working group TOR; (7) The implementation of APA sub-regional strategy for COMIFAC countries; (8) Various communications, including those relating to the presentation of Cameroon APA project and the 2011 International Biodiversity Day.


At the end of plenary discussions, participants adopted a final communiqué, a roadmap, established a PFNL Sub-Group within GTBAC and formulated recommendations and resolutions, structured around 14 main points. In general terms, constructive discussions and concrete results of this eleventh meeting confirmed the important role GTBAC intends to play to guarantee the implementation of Nagoya recommendations in Central Africa.


To better understand the stakes of this meeting, please download:

The Final Communiqué


2011-03-08 GTBAC Roadmap


PFLN Sub-Working Group TOR




Speech of Dr Honoré TABUN, CEEAC Representative


Summary report of the 5th meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on biological diversity holding as the meeting of parties to Cartagena Protocol on the prevention of biotechnological risks (COP-MOP5)


Importance of non timber forest products for poverty eradication and food security in Central Africa - By Ousseynou NDOYE (FAO), MARTIN TADOUM (COMIFAC), ARMAND ASSENG ZE (FAO), JULIANE MASUCH (FAO) AND JULIUS TIEGUHONG CHUPEZI (FAO)


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GEF - Council Consultation meeting with Civil Society Organization (CSOs), Forty-seventh meeting of the GEF Council, and 17th meeting of the Least Developed Countries Fund and the Special Climate Change Fund (LDCF/SCCF) Council

On Wednesday, 29 October 2014, the 47th meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council convened for a second day. The following Executive Secretaries of four conventions addressed the Council during the morning: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD); Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions; and Fatoumata Keita Ouane, Executive Secretary of the Interim Secretariat, Minamata Convention...

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Forests Climate Change.Results and REDD+: Learn How the Green Climate Fund Will Pay

At a glance :   The Green Climate Fund has developed the draft of a logic model and a performance measurement framework for ex-post REDD+ results-based payments, which is in accordance with the Warsaw framework on REDD+ -   An expert said that the GCF’s draft framework is maintaining “rhetorical parity between the five REDD+ activities, for now.” -   A negotiator from a developing country said the logic model, which has yet to be approved, can help establish predictability and sustainability in REDD+ finance if its does not create further requirements for accessing REDD+ funds...

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CIFOR: Policy options for improved integration of domestic timber markets under the voluntary partnership agreement (VPA) regime: Lessons from formalization case studies

Formalization processes come with both benefits and risks, which require ongoing assessment, monitoring and mitigation. Case studies of formalization conducted in other natural resource sectors indicate that even well-intentioned processes can lead to exclusion, criminalization, barriers to entry and elite capture, which could disproportionally and negatively affect smallholders and operators, together with negative environmental impacts. If well-conceived and monitored, formalization could increase transparency and clarity of users’ rights, reduce conflict and improve working conditions and local economic benefits...

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Welcome to our New Partner The “International Institute of Tropical Agriculture” (IITA)!

The “International Institute of Tropical Agriculture” (IITA) officially joins the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) - Croydon (UK), October 13th 2014 – The “International Institute of Tropical Agriculture” (IITA) joins the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP). IITA has submitted the required documentation and thus agrees to abide by the CBFP cooperation framework to advance sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa.

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RRI-IISD: Sixteenth Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) Dialogue on Forests, Governance, and Climate Change – “Investments, Communities and Climate Change – Risks and Opportunities”

This Dialogue, hosted by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), will bring together key stakeholders to assess the opportunities and challenges related to access, use and ownership of land and resources in the context of efforts to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions, such as those under REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, a mechanism under negotiation by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). Participants will discuss initiatives from governments, private sector, investors, and community-based organizations, and address opportunities and challenges presented by development policies. Participants will also discuss strategies to ensure that the rights of Indigenous Peoples, ethnic minorities and peasant communities are enhanced and protected. 

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UNESCO - World Heritage site: Emergency appeal to combat militant elephant poaching in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Rapid Response Facility (RRF) has launched an emergency appeal for funds to tackle an upswing in poaching activity in Garamba National Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a World Heritage site inscribed on the World Heritage List in Danger.

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The Congo Basin "markets" itself in China

On September 15 and 16, 2014, Qingdao, China provided the setting for the International Timber and Wood Products Trade Conference. Marking its fourth installment, the conference organized by the China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association aimed to enhance understanding and trade ties between Chinese timber industry players and the international community...

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