Le Figaro: UN Climate Summit, world leaders under pressure from world’s youths



Close to sixty world leaders convened Monday for a UN Summit on “climate emergency” aimed at reinvigorating the Paris Agreement.



Three days after millions of youths on five continents staged climate  demonstrations, and four days after a new global school strike, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, hopes dozens of leaders will announce measures to ramp up their plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at this summit on “climate emergency”. Less than half of 136 Heads of State or Government who will attend the UN General Assembly in New York this week have asked to attend.



A controversial symbol of revolted youth, Swedish-born Greta Thunberg, 16, has been invited to speak to the leaders.  The United States is one of those who will be conspicuously absent from the podium; Donald Trump will be in the room but will only speak at an event on freedom of religion. Likewise, Brazil and Australia whose conservative Prime Minister visited the White House last week, for lack of anything better to announce. However, two big consumers of coal, China and India, will be present. Each representative will be allowed three minutes to speak.


Many States are expected to announce plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050, according to Antonio Gutteres, which means they will slash most of their emissions and offset the remainder by planting trees which absorb carbon from the air.



A “springboard” to COP26 in 2020

The goal of «carbon neutrality», which was deemed so radical in 2015 that it was left out of the Paris Agreement has now become a rallying cry for a growing number of States (United Kingdom, France... European Union...) and multi-national corporations, as concern grows over the last summer’s heat waves, hurricanes and pictures of almost visibly melting glaciers. The last five years are set to be the hottest on record, says a report released by the UN on Sunday. The Earth is on average 1°C hotter than in the 20th century and the temperature just keeps rising.






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RFI-UN Climate Summit: leaders from around the world are eagerly awaited



As the first meeting of the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the summit on the “climate emergency” begins Monday in New York, three days after millions of youths staged demonstrations around the globe.



Enough with the speeches, Antonio Guterres expects “concrete and realistic plans”. The United Nations Secretary General had already distributed copies of the agenda months earlier, hence the political leaders will spend the entire day proposing ideas on how to tackle the different issues at hand - the energy transition, climate finance and coal prices, natural solutions, etc. All with one common goal- to help fight climate change more efficiently and get their countries aligned with the Paris Accord.



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Coming full circle: Cameroon follows in footsteps of CAR and Chad, signs Specific Protocols!

It all began in December 2016 in Douala, Cameroon with the 1st Meeting of Country Experts in Cameroon, the CAR and Chad on the Development of Specific Protocols (SP) relating to the BSB Bi-national and Tripartite agreements on the fight against transboundary poaching, notably the Specific Anti-poaching Protocol  relating to the N’Djamena Tripartite Agreement between Cameroon, the CAR and Chad and the Specific Eco-development Protocol relating to the Bi-national  Cooperation Agreement between Cameroon and Chad.

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ITTO- More collaboration and participation needed to achieve the SFM in the Congo Basin

The Tokyo International Conference on development in Africa (TICAD) is an international meeting hosted by the Japanese government and jointly sponsored by the United Nations, the United Nations Development Program, the African Union Commission and the World Bank. Taking the floor during the opening of this ITTO event, Ms. Matondo pointed out that international partners can help the Congo Basin population to overcome various hurdles impeding the sub-region’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 1 (zero poverty) 13 (Measures to combat climate change) and 15 (land life) using innovative technology, know-how, entrepreneurship and capacity building.

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COMIFAC- Shanghai international forum: COMIFAC goes on charm offensive

Shanghai, Republic of China, 21-25 October 2019- More than three hundred and fifty delegates including about sixty members of the International Technical Tropical Timber Association (ITTTA), sixty conference speakers and panelists took part in the 21st ITTTA forum. COMIFAC was represented at the gathering by Mr. Georges Moucharou, 2nd Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and representative of the Acting President, Raymond Ndomba Ngoye, Executive Secretary and Mr. Valery Tchuante, a monitoring and evaluation expert.

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COMIFAC member countries make progress and develop innovations in implementing Nagoya Protocol

30 September to 1st October 2019, Douala Cameroon-: Sub-regional experience-sharing forum on ABS held between COMIFAC researchers and the Japanese private sector.

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African biodiversity highly valued at sub-regional experience-sharing forum on ABS between COMIFAC researchers and the Japanese private sector.

Douala, Cameroon, 30 September- 1st October 2019 “The sub-regional Convergence Plan projects a 25% increase in absolute terms in the forestry-environment sector’s contribution to the GDP of the COMIFAC countries by 2025” said Mr. Ludovic ITSOUA MADZOUS, Deputy Executive Secretary of COMIFAC, as he welcomed the holding of the first meeting between a developed country and researchers of the Central African countries.

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Preparatory workshop of the 18 December Civil Society Day within the framework of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP).

Saturday, 2 November 2019, End and closing of the preparatory workshop of the 18 December Civil Society Day held within the framework of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP).


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Huge turnout of CBFP members in Shanghai, China: Minister of State and CBFP Facilitator François-Xavier de Donnea strengthens dialogue between Congo Basin and key Chinese actors of the Forestry-timber sector

From 21 to 25 October 2019 in Shanghai, China), Minister of State and CBFP Facilitator, Francois-Xavier de Donnea, took part in the International Forum on Green Supply Chains for forest products industry, entitled : “Together towards Global Green Supply Chains - A Forest Products Industry Initiative”

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Sub-regional guidelines for tracking the contribution of forests to sustainable development goals in Central African countries

The deadline for submitting comments is 31 October (to allow time to include them in the version to be submitted to the participants of the validation workshop slated for 26 and 27 November in Libreville) Contacts: Valerie Tchuante (tvtchuante@comifac.org ) and Jean Claude Nguinguiri (JeanClaude.Nguinguiri@fao.org).

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