GEF-Biodiversity mainstreaming in practice. A Review of GEF experience


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Biodiversity mainstreaming has emerged as an increasingly important element of conservation practice in the last 20 years.1 In response to its potential as an investment strategy to advance the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the GEF has embedded biodiversity mainstreaming in its strategy dating back to the early part of this century.



In order to better inform GEF support to biodiversity mainstreaming, the GEF has undertaken two reviews of biodiversity mainstreaming to identify best practice and lessons learned.2 The purpose of this publication is to synthesize these analyses and complement them with a systematic review of the final evaluations of completed mainstreaming projects with the aim of identifying key “project moderators” (factors that are not part of project design and that are largely unaffected by the project, but influence the magnitude and quality of the project outcomes) and “project design features” (these are design elements, which can be changed by project designers or implementers, that make the project more successful) that are most correlated with successful projects.



The systematic review of completed biodiversity mainstreaming projects will be an ongoing process to inform better project design and implementation, identify lessons learned, refine the GEF’s investment strategy, and improve the GEF’s Theory of Change of biodiversity mainstreaming. This publication provides the first emerging findings from this review.



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