Final Communiqué: National validation workshop on the regional environmental and social strategy assessment report on the use of the Ngoyla-Mintom Forest



Please download the Document here below: Communiqué final Atelier EESS-R Ngoyla-Mintom.pdf (459.3 Ko)



The validation workshop on the regional environmental and social strategy assessment report on the use of the Ngoyla-Mintom Forest took place in Mbalmayo from 2 to 3 March 2017. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr Arnaud AFANA, representing the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Territorial Management (MINEPAT).



Close to thirty participants representing central and local administrations (MINEPAT, MINEPDED, MINFOF, MINMIDT, Minas, UTO Ngoyla-Mintom) took part in the meeting, as well as  local elected representatives (Mayor, REPAR), projects and programs (ST-REDD+, PADI-TDI), civil society (RFC, ACAMEE, CAFT ABAWONI,) technical and financial partners (IUCN), WWF and the consultancy, Rainbow Environment Consult Sarl .



The deliberations were moderated by Mr Gilles ETOGA, from WWF Cameroon.

The workshop aimed to validate the report of the Environmental and Social Regional Strategy Assessment of the Ngoyla-Mintom forest and help finetune its recommendations and also look into ways of integrating the study results in the national process currently underway.



The workshop’s high points included the opening ceremony, plenary presentations followed by exchange and discussion meetings, break-out group work in commissions, group feedback in plenary session and recommendations.


Please download the Document here below:



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Infosylva 09/2017

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