Invitation to join Congo Basin' World Pangolin Day 2017's Celebration and Social Media Campaign


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Zoological Society of London and the MENTOR-POP (Progress on Pangolins) Fellowship Program


Join us to get the word out and be a voice for Central Africa's pangolins! Together let’s protect our pangolins! ... The Social Media Campaign (see English and French versions of the toolkit) to celebrate World Pangolin Day 2017 and show your support for pangolin conservation by spreading messages through Facebook and Twitter and encouraging...

The MENTOR-POP (Progress on Pangolins) Fellowship Programme, which is funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with the Zoological Society of London and based in Cameroon (please find details about MENTOR-POP HERE) to invite you to join their Social Media Campaign (see English and French versions of the toolkit) to celebrate World Pangolin Day 2017 and show your support for pangolin conservation by spreading messages through Facebook and Twitter and encouraging others to do so too.


World Pangolin Day is an international event which is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in February to raise global awareness about pangolins, the alarming threats they face, and the inspiring efforts to prevent them from going extinct. There are eight species of pangolin in the world. Pridefully, Africa is home to four pangolin species and three of those species are found in Central Africa. Unfortunately, pangolins today are believed to be the most heavily trafficked wild mammals in the world. More than a million pangolins have been poached from the wild in the past decade to meet the demand for their meat and scales from China and Southeast Asia as well as the demand for bushmeat in Africa.


On this World Pangolin Day (February 18, 2017), the global community is calling for organizations and individuals to raise their voice against pangolin trafficking. Our campaign aims to lend a voice in particular to the three pangolins species found in Central Africa (1) Giant ground pangolin, 2) White-bellied pangolin, and 3) Black-bellied pangolin). There is still so much that we don’t know about these pangolins, which are under intense pressure from poaching and trafficking.


Thank you for your interest in pangolins. The MENTOR-POP hope you will join them to get the word out and be a voice for Central Africa's pangolins! Together let’s protect our pangolins!


Here are some things you could do:
(1)  Share the social media toolkit (in English or  French with any contacts who might be interested in participating! While this campaign is primarily targeting a Central African audience, we welcome participation from anyone in any country.
(2)  Post and/or share pangolin conservation messages on social media (we'll be running pangolin posts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts all week - please feel free to share! We're using the hashtags #WorldPangolinDay, #SavePangolins, and #ProtectOurPangolins).
(3)  Share the attached graphic - deliberately made without logos so everyone can take ownership!
(4)  Add a special filter with a pangolin conservation message to your profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to show that you support pangolin conservation (and encourage others to do so too).


For more Information, please contact: Linh Bao:

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