The CBFP family welcomes a new member: Welcome to the Network of Community and Local Radios for Good Governance, Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (ReRaC)!



Following the recent meeting of the Network of Community and Local Radios for Good Governance, Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (ReRaC), held respectively in Bertoua (East Cameroon) in March 2017, and Bangor (Chad) in April 2017, aimed at strengthening the capacities of journalists and hosts of community radios on standards applicable to extractive industries and protection of the environment,  riparian populations of mining areas on the one hand and climate change and continued advocacy action and raising the awareness of local communities on the full range of issues affecting the conservation field on the other hand, the ReRaC Coordinating Office was mandated to apply on behalf of the network for full-fledged membership in the Congo Basin Forest Partnership.



 Yaoundé, 14 July 2017. ReRaC has acknowledged the cooperation framework of CBFP partners that was updated and adopted in Kigali in November 2016 and is committed to adhere thereto and thereby promote sustainable management of forest ecosystems in the Congo Basin.



Established in 2008, ReRaC is an active network of CEFDHAC which conducts information-sharing, awareness-raising and advocacy initiatives to promote environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources notably among local communities in rural areas.



ReRaC comprises over 60 community radio stations based in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Burundi and Chad working in synergy with each other.  Current efforts aim to extend this dynamic to other COMIFAC countries and actions are underway to roll out ReRaC in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



The European Facilitation of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership is very pleased to welcome the Network of Community and Local Radios for Good Governance, Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (ReRaC) (REPAR) as a new CBFP member.



Welcome to the Network of Community and Local Radios for Good Governance, Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (ReRaC)!



For more information, please contact:


Regional Coordinator of ReRaC


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World Wildlife Day will be celebrated in 2018 under the theme “Big cats: predators under threat".

Big cats are among the most widely recognized and admired animals across the globe. However, today these charismatic predators are facing many and varied threats, which are mostly caused by human activities. Overall, their populations are declining at a disturbing rate due to loss of habitat and prey, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.

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VRM/Petition: Stop all forms of abuse against women in large monoculture tree plantations

On occasion of September 21st, International day of Struggle against Tree Plantations, women from several countries from West and Central Africa have taken the initiative to release simultaneously the petition we enclose below.

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ITTO: Address forest degradation to move forward on REDD+, says ITTO Executive Director

REDD+ should pay more attention to combating forest degradation, which is now the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in tropical forests, according to ITTO’s Executive Director, Dr Gerhard Dieterle.

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IFR : Forest concessions in Central Africa: an introduction to the Special Issue

 They remain a controversial forest resource management instrument, although certification has been instrumental for improving management practices, in spite of contexts of poor governance. Relevance of traditional forest concessions is lowering in some places but innovations from both private and public actors create new opportunities of co-management of several “layers” of economic activity by different stakeholders sharing a common area.

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Forestworldmagazine: Timbeter, the new app for wood measurements. Timbeter, the new App for measuring wood volume.

The volume measurement of wood on the field has always been approximated and handmade process and either it was given by the professional’s skill and experience or it was a long and rather tedious process because it must to be done for each of the logs the pile, using different formulas and making tis process quite complicated. So either we had an approximate measure of the total volume or we lost too much time in this process or efficiency decreases and production costs greatly increase.

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Sciencedaily: Limited scope of corporate sustainability revealed

The first large-scale analysis of corporate practices for sourcing sustainable materials shows that many companies address sustainability at some level, but most deal with only one or a subset of materials within a small portion of their supply chain.

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Forestpeoples: FPP and partners launch new report and web portal for rights-based approaches and community solutions to tackling deforestation and supply chain accountability

FPP's new portal aims to inform governments, businesses and others developing policies, standards and initiatives to reform global supply chains, by platforming case studies, publications and statements from communities across Africa, Asia, and South America on rights-based solutions to tackling deforestation.

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Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park Monthly update

This month, the park experienced a dramatic surge in poaching! Two major poaching events were detected. Ten poached elephants carcasses discovered in the park and its periphery, a number that is stupefying to us all.

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