FOREST EUROPE Workshop on Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services

Belgrade, Serbia, 24-25 September 2014 - A workshop on Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services took place in Belgrade, Serbia, on 24-25 September 2014: Session 1: Presentations of the work developed by the Expert Group of Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services...   Session 2: Sharing of experiences and examples of VFES within the Pan-European Scope and Regional level...  Session 3: Sharing of experiences and examples of VFES at National level...


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Session 1: Presentations of the work developed by the Expert Group of Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services


Session 2: Sharing of experiences and examples of VFES within the Pan-European Scope and Regional level 


Session 3: Sharing of experiences and examples of VFES at National level


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This activity is part of the FOREST EUROPE Work Programme.





Cuenca, Spain, 3 November 2014
During the Round Table, proposals to consolidate pan-European policies and tools in SFM were explored.
Helsinki, Finland, 4-5 June 2014
This was the second meeting of the Expert Group to Propose Improvements in Tools for SFM.
Santander, Spain, 29-30 April 2014
The event was held in Santander, north Spain, and hosted at the Palace of La Magdalena, the most emblematic building of the city. It took place on the 29th and 30th of April 2014. 
Madrid, 11 March 2014
The meeting took place in Madrid, on 11 March 2014. This Advisory Group contributes to the preparatory process for the “State of Europe’s Forests” (SoEF) next report.
Madrid, Spain, 27 February 2014
This meeting explored pan-European approaches to valuation of forest ecosystem services. Experts presented the work so far developed by of the 3 existing sub-working groups which were created in order to adress the following topics:
Valladolid, Spain, 4-5 February 2014
FOREST EUROPE Expert Level Meeting was held in Valladolid, Spain, on 4-5 February 2014.

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