CBFP’s Governance Structure

In keeping with its non-binding and voluntary nature, the CBFP does not have a formal institutional structure. Rather, it has a set of informal structures:


1. Annual Meeting of the CBFP Parties

The Annual Meeting of the CBFP Parties is the "General Assembly" of the Partnership. This meeting takes place every year in one of the COMIFAC Member States and brings together all CBFP stakeholders.


2. CBFP Colleges

CBFP members are grouped into seven colleges according to type and stakeholder’s role.


3. The CBFP Council

The CBFP Council is made up of two representatives from each CBFP college and is chaired by the CBFP Facilitation.


4. The Facilitation

The CBFP is led on a voluntary basis by one of its members, who acts as a Facilitator in promoting effective dialogue and cooperation within the Partnership.


CBFP Governance Architecture