Governing Council Meeting Kinshasa December 2020

Information on the Governing Council Meeting

The CBFP Council comprises two representatives of each CBFP College and is chaired by the CBFP Facilitator. It meets twice a year, once during the Annual Meeting of Parties and once in-between annual meetings. Council meetings may be held in Central Africa or Europe.

Thanks to its college-based composition, the Council provides a forum for efficient consultation among the partners. It allows for more effective expression and consideration of the views of various groups of CBFP partners. It fosters the emergence of converging viewpoints on key issues relating to protection and sustainable management of forests, notably major challenges, priorities and efforts to promote concerted action.

The Council also ensures regular follow-up on the outcomes of Annual Meetings of Parties, including reports, conclusions and recommendations and helps the Facilitation organize the meetings. The Council assists the Facilitation in running the Partnership, notably by discussing strategic issues relating to major challenges facing the Congo Basin forests and debating the guidelines and priorities of cooperation within the CBFP.

CBFP colleges may propose items to be included on the Council’s agenda. Such items would have generated significant interest within the College making the proposal. The Facilitation may propose items to be added to the agenda and request input from the colleges.

The Council operates with a high degree of transparency. All CBFP members are informed of all the conclusions of Council meetings.

### Visit this link to access past reports/press releases from Council meetings - In table form

Welcome to the CBFP meetings in Kinshasa - Briefing note

The Facilitation of the Federal Republic of Germany of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), the Acting Presidency of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will be jointly hosting the 8th CBFP Council and related meetings from 08 to 11 December 2020 in Kinshasa.


Several Partners’ Side Events will also be held by the partners throughout the week-long meeting marathon.

The Council Meeting will be organized with the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the technical support of the GIZ technical cooperation.


Please be advised that COVID 19 testing is now mandatory for anyone entering and leaving the DRC. We will send participants detailed information in this respect in due course. Naturally, COVID precautionary measures will be in place during the conference.


We are aware that this CBFP Council Meeting will entail more than the usual challenges in terms of organization and logistics as we wrap up 2020 and will therefore require more flexibility. That said, we believe no effort should be spared in preparing the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, ECCAS, COMIFAC and the Congo Basin countries and their vicinity in a timely and appropriate manner, for the crucial global decisions that will be taken next year.

Experts' Thematic Workshop

December 8-9, 2020

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CBFP Civil Society Day

December 8, 2020

High Level Political Dialogue

December 10, 2020

8th Meeting of the CBFP Governing Council

July16, 2021

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Welcome to Kinshasa

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Media information note

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All CBFP Governing Council reports are available below


8th CBFP Governing Council Meeting - Kinshasa 2020:

Note d'Information_Réunion_Kinshasa_PFBC_Français

Agenda de la semaine_Réunion du Conseil PFBC

Contribution des membres du PFBC sur les priorités internationales 2020 - 2021

FR_Projet_Déclaration PFBC forêts_Document de travail

EN_Projet_Déclaration PFBC forêts_Document de travail

Observations des collèges

Agenda de la Journée société civile du PFBC du 8 décembre



FRENCH_Note Programme Régionaux - PFBC Kin

ENGLISH_Note Programme Régionaux - PFBC Kin


7th CBFP Governing Council Meeting - Douala, Cameroon, December 2010:

Communiqué final ayant sanctionné les assises de la Journée Spéciale du Collège de la Société Civile du 18 décembre 2018

Communiqué final des travaux de la Réunion des Experts pour le suivi de la conférence de N’Djamena sur la feuille de route Sahel - Bassin du Congo sur la déclinaison opérationnelle de la Déclaration de N’Djamena.

Final Communiqué of the Experts’ Meeting to Follow up on the N’Djamena Conference on The Sahel-Congo Basin Roadmap on the Operational Implementation of the N'Djamena Declaration Synthesis

6th Governing Council Meeting - June 2019 - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

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In English

5th Meeting of the Board of Directors  -  November 2018 -  Brussels, Belgium

Not Available


4th Meeting of the Board of Directors  - June 2018 - Brazzaville, Congo

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In English

3rd Governing Council Meeting - October 2017, Douala, Cameroon

Not Available


2nd Board of Directors Meeting - May 2017, Libreville, Gabon

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1st CBFP Governing Council Meeting - November 2016, Kigali, Rwanda

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