WWF: Terms of Reference for Consultant for analysing financial flows in cacao sector, NTFPs and wood from community’s forest in Cameroon

The overall objective of this consultancy is to obtain a better understanding of the financial flows in the cacao and community forestry (wood/NTFPs) sectors in Cameroon which will help WWF develop a strategy to influence these sectors.


Required skills and experience

  1. Proven experience and knowledge of the cacao and community forestry (wood/NTFPs) sectors in general and of the business environment in Cameroon.
  2. Network of contacts within the cacao and community forestry (wood/NTFPs) sectors in Cameroon preferred.
  3. Robust networking abilities.
  4. Excellent spoken and written French (provide report in French), good knowledge of English (able to read English documents).
  5. Availability and readiness to travel.
  6. Holder of at least a Masters degree in agriculture, business or development sciences.



The contract should be concluded within a period of 4 months from initiation.


Expression of Interest

All applications containing a Technical and Financial bids in ONE DOCUMENT should be sent to recruit-cam@wwfcam.org in ONE EMAIL ONLY with the following:

  • Comments demonstrating the understanding of the Terms of Reference;
  • A clear methodology/procedure for implementing the assignment;
  • Brief (2 page maximum) curriculum vitae highlighting experiences relevant for this assignment;
  • A clear statement describing why the consultant is a suitable candidate.


The deadline for the reception of bids is 21stJanuary 2021.

For more Information, please, download the Document here below

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