The Seven Colleges

  1. The CBFP Regional College
  2. The CBFP Civil Society College
  3. The CBFP International NGO College
  4. The CBFP Private Sector College
  5. The CBFP Donor College
  6. The CBFP Scientific and Academic College
  7. The CBFP Multilaterals College

CBFP Colleges Meeting

CBFP members are grouped within seven colleges by type and role of actor:

Only CBFP members may join a CBFP College. A CBFP member can only belong to one CBFP college. Each college establishes its own working method and approaches to information sharing and fostering the emergence of convergent views, notably when it comes to appointing two members to represent the College at CBFP Council meetings.


The Colleges provide a setting for CBFP members to raise and debate issues and concerns of common interest, discuss the conclusions of CBFP Council meetings and Annual Meetings of Parties and come up with issues they would like to submit to the Council for consideration. The Colleges are designed to promote effective dialogue between their members and enable all interested members to take part in dialogue within the CBFP. To this end, the Colleges are expected to establish information-sharing channels and see to their smooth functioning.


In order to guarantee fair and balanced representation of all CBFP members while ensuring adequate continuity of the Steering Committee’s work, a college representative’s tenure should allow them to represent their college at between two to five meetings of the CBFP Council. As representatives of their college within the CBFP Council, they must comply with guidelines established beforehand within their colleges. They must also report on all Council meetings to all the members of their college. Throughout their tenure, college representatives must be able to facilitate dialogue and ongoing exchanges within their college and represent their college at two CBFP meetings per year. Reviewing issues within colleges provides a forum for individual CBFP members to bring up issues they deem relevant to the CBFP Council’s agenda.


The colleges meet in person at least once a year, during the annual Meeting of Parties. The colleges should be able to discuss their views on items on the Council’s agenda, without necessarily meeting in person.

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Press Briefings

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