23–26 August 2021 4th World Teak Conference: Global Teak Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies, Accra, Ghana

This conference, which ITTO is co-organizing, will address the most crucial issues facing the global teak sector, including:

  • the sustainable management of smallholder teak farming systems to supply markets with high-quality teakwood;
  • improving existing silvicultural systems and practices for better stand management to achieve high-quality teakwood;
  • market structures and value chains for teakwood trading and their impacts on the profitability of teak investments; and
  • evaluating private and public investments in the teak sector and their impacts on socioeconomic conditions and rural livelihoods.

The conference will make strategic, conceptual and operational recommendations to support the sustainable development of the teak sector.

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