“CPIC Conservation Finance Initiative - scaling up and demonstrating the value of blended finance for conservation in Central Africa”

The private sector is critical to mobilize green investment and stimulate sustainable development in Africa. Out of the 3 trillion investment opportunity in climate mitigation, 75% is expected to come from the private sector. There is growing interest from professional private investors into nature-related business opportunities in Central Africa, but little success due to scarcity of bankable projects in the region, alongside high political and regulatory risks, and low capacity for the management of environmental, social and corporate governance.


The event will showcase the Conservation Finance Initiative, which is an IUCN-led global project approved by GEF in 2019 with the aim to improve nature conservation outcomes by demonstrating innovative finance blending models to increase return-seeking private investment in conservation. CAFI is co-financing the Conservation Finance Initiative with the aim to build a project pipeline in the Central African region, having at least two investment concepts in CAFI countries approved and at least 350.000 USD disbursed in small grants to conservation projects in CAFI countries (DRC, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic).


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