BIOPAMA - SMALL TECHNICAL GRANTS FOR ASSESSMENTS: Call for proposals launched! (copie)

The first call for proposals for Small Technical Grants for Assessment (STGA) is now open until 29 January 2021. It is an open ended-call and proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis in order of their receipt.


The purpose of the BIOPAMA STGA is to identify or update result-oriented priority actions for improved protected and  conserved areas ‘management and governance, through new or updated quantified management and governance assessments and their associated enhancement plans.


STGAs will fund exclusively assessment for a maximum total value of ≤ EUR 20 000. The maximum duration of a project is 5 months but it can be shorter depending on the type of activities funded.


It is strongly recommended that all possible applicants for forthcoming BIOPAMA action component funding opportunities carry out a management and governance assessment that identifies such priorities for actions with associated enhancement plans. Only priorities identified by these decision-support tools will be eligible for funding for the calls to be organised in 2021.


Interested organisations are invited to read carefully the BIOPAMA STG


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