Conservation Manager, WWF RCA

WWF is looking for a dynamic and committed conservation manager who will lead the development, implementation and coordination of WWF's conservation programs in the CAR. Ensure the continued alignment of WWF CAR's strategic and conservation plans with national priorities, including the successful achievement of conservation key performance indicators at the WWF CAR office. Deadline for applications: 18th November 2022


Major Functions

  • Coordinate the operational implementation of CAR's strategic and conservation plans: lead conservation staff in the development of annual work plans, oversee and ensure the implementation of these plans;
  • Provide advice and support to the Country Coordinator for conservation aspects;
  • Promotes the vision and objectives of CAR's strategic and conservation plans to external stakeholders and WWF, and participates in the strategic partnership building/fundraising approach in collaboration with the National Coordinator and others regional leaders, if any;
  • Provide leadership in the development of the conservation plan by identifying and designing new projects through participatory processes.


Major Duties and Responsibilities


Conservation Program planning and development

  • Ensures that a Conservation Strategic Plan relevant to national priorities, civil society, and aligned with the Congo Basin/Africa Conservation Framework and GPF priorities, is developed and approved by the Country Coordinator and the Congo Basin Conservation Director/ROA;
  • Ensures that the Conservation Strategic Plan is effectively implemented and contributing to the vision of Congo Basin/ACF and WWF’s Global Program Framework;
  • Liaise with the FTNS leaders and within the Network to gather information relevant to the development and implementation of the Conservation Strategic Plan and its component programs/projects; and
  • In line with the WWF CAR Strategic Plan, develops annual Conservation Program work plans and budgets with clear priorities and KPIs for WWF CAR, and ensures their efficient implementation.


Project design and proposal development

  • Oversees and, as appropriate, leads the development of WWF CAR project proposals, in collaboration with other WWF staff as appropriate;
  • In coordination with the Communications Officer and the Finance Manager or his/her delegate, reviews all project proposals/budgets prior to submission to donors to ensure that they are designed/planned in accordance with WWF Standards of Conservation Project and Program Management, and consistent, correct, and coherent with the WWF CAR Conservation Strategic Plan; and
  • Ensures that annual work plans and budgets for all programs and projects are developed.
  • Develop regularly reviewed and updated project monitoring tools - data collection, formats, checklists of program activities and procedures;
  • Streamline reporting systems - provide assistance to program managers and project managers, including external offices, in the process of completing the various report formats;
  • Manage and mentor conservation staff and provide them with technical assistance;
  • Monitor the progress of projects and the problems encountered and the corrective measures to be taken;
  • Ensure that all reports (technical and financial) are submitted and published on the WWF database in a timely manner;


Implementation and monitoring

  • Ensures the effective implementation of program and project work plans;
  • Ensures strong delivery on the WWF CAR Conservation KPIs;
  • In line with the requirements of a Network-wide monitoring and reporting system, ensures the establishment and implementation of a monitoring and reporting system for WWF-CAR, measuring its performance against its Conservation Strategic Plan while providing support to field projects for improvement;
  • Ensures that meetings to monitor the progress of the WWF CAR Conservation Strategic Plan are held every six months, attended by WWF senior managers, key Conservation program and project managers, and, as appropriate, external and other relevant WWF stakeholders;
  • Holds other Conservation Program management meetings on a regular basis;
  • Visits program/project field sites on a regular basis;
  • Acts as the principal point of contact in the country office for all field activities, ensuring that appropriate support from the office is provided; and
  • Identifies national/international consultants, and develops or assists with (as appropriate) the preparation of Terms of Reference for consultants, the launching of tenders, and the drafting of contracts in collaboration with the People and Culture Officer and Finance Manager.


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