2nd 2020 IFED ONLINE TRAINING - MFE 212 : REDD++ - Payments for Environmental Services (PES)

Environmental problems have reached a level which obliges every citizen to abide with environmental culture. REDD++ or the reduction of emissions from deforestation, forest degradation and the increase in carbon stocks and PES, also defined as payment for environmental or ecosystem services, have become major concepts that should challenge everyone. Yet very few people understand these concepts, their opportunities and their challenges.


They are the basis of the success of environmental policies. Students who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow, teachers / professors whatever their level of intervention, businessmen, politicians, parliamentarians, lawyers, engineers, mayors, civil society representatives, this course is for to you. We therefore invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your capacities on these notions of REDD++ and PSE and to better integrate them into our daily activities and hence better reduce the ecological footprint.


This online course organized by IFED in partnership with Queen's University of Canada will be delivered by high level lecturers. Professionals with positive experiences on REDD++ management and PES will also share their experiences you learners.
Please also see the poster which summarizes the articulations of this training that scheduled from 05 to 09 October 2020.

A training certificate will be issued to participants. The course notes and videos will be made available to those who for various reasons will not be able to attend some training sessions.

We invite you to use the link below to register.

For further notice, write to: regis20.ifed@gmail.com


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