Location: Epulu, Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR), Democratic Republic of Congo

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is looking for a dynamic, creative and experienced Communications Manager to oversee an important and exciting outward-facing communications portfolio for the Okapi Wildlife Reserve.


The Communications Manager shall design and implement a portfolio of outputs and products to support the OWR’s new management team, to create products, outputs and programs that lead to behavioural change among target groups of people, and to raise visibility of this exciting reserve. S/he will lead a small team of staff and guide partners to ensure effective implementation of interventions within the portfolio. The Communications Manager will lead the development and implementation of a communications and behavioural change strategy – that includes aspects such as branding and marketing – that is targeted at reserve-level, provincial, national and international audiences among a wide range of target groups, including (but not limited to) DRC national and provincial government actors, donors and philanthropists, the international community, local activists, communities and indigenous peoples.

Through this, the Communication Manager will work to achieve the following results:
- A broad foundation of understanding and support for OWR’s values, mission and objectives built
- Measurable changes in the knowledge, attitudes and practices among target groups achieved
- Key constituents kept up to date with news from OWR
- The reserve and future tourism promoted
- Working with the Community Development Department, materials (in all appropriate languages) that lead to (measurable) behavioural change among target groups (especially among peoples living within and surrounding the reserve) developed and deployed
- Coordination of messaging and internal communications among all partners working in the OWR improved
- Working with the fund-raising and development personnel, innovative high-profile events organised and delivered.

High consistency and quality of all outward-facing communication achieved
With OWR’s Head of Monitoring, Evaluation, Adaptation and Learning (MEAL), an M&E system to measure the successes of communications and behavioural change developed and implemented – and therefore understood.

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