Invitation to tender for new NDC project: Beyond commitments

Beyond commitments – How can NDCs strengthen forest governance and make local communities more resilient?


We are looking for an experienced, bilingual (French and English) consultant to provide an updated assessment of the current NDCs in the following African countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo (desk review only), Ghana, Liberia, and Republic of the Congo.

The report will:

  1. Analyse progress and challenges in enhancing forest contribution in the NDCs of targeted countries since 2018 including how recommendations from the previous Fern NDC report have been addressed.
  2. Assess the quality and transparency of the process and inclusion of civil society and community stakeholders.
  3. Examine how gender considerations have been including both in the process and content of the NDCs.
  4. Provide recommendations to national civil society organisations and EU and national policy makers on how climate ambition within future NDCs can be raised through more substantive inclusion of forests and effective contributions of civil society and forest communities.

The report will present best practices and gaps for each of these objectives in the six countries examined.


Please download the Document here below:

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