IFED 2021 online training

In partnership with Queen's University (Ontario, Canada), IFED is launching three online training courses on mining management, waste management and circular economy and on protected areas management.


MFE 203: Mining Management and Environmental Protection

Context: Africa has experienced a mining expansion since the 2000s. This has created economic growth in this sector. "More than 30% of the world's mineral reserves are in Africa and the exploitation of mineral resources is the basis for the development of several African countries. On the other hand, the mining sector contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions on a continent already vulnerable to climate change." (Komassi, 2017).

Date : Tuesday, September 28 to October 1, 2021. Registration deadline : September 20, 2021



Protected areas are the main mechanism for safeguarding biodiversity, the cornerstone that each State has for achieving the objectives of maintaining and sustainably using biodiversity and meeting its commitments to the international convention on biological diversity. However, despite efforts to conserve biodiversity and biological heritage through protected areas, the world's biological diversity is increasingly threatened or even disappearing for many of them related to pressures of all kinds, but also because of the vulnerability of the local populations, sustainable financing, that require ecologists, managers of protected areas, local populations, technicians and engineers in the ministries concerned to reconsider the traditional ways of managing protected areas.

Date : 06 to 08 October 2021

Registration deadline : September 27, 2021



The urban and rural population growth followed by an approximate management of industrial and household wastes makes that in our cities the waste management has become a major concern that harms the health of the populations, but also creates huge pollution and degrades the quality of our cities and countryside. To limit this environmental crisis, a new concept of waste management based on the minimization of the ecological footprint in the process of value chains called circular economy is increasingly promoted. The circular economy (CE) is the set of activities that aim at reduction, reuse and recycling during the process of production, circulation and consumption.

Date : 25 to 27 September 2021

Registration deadline : Wednesday, September 15, 2021


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