Legacy Landscapes Fund’s First Open Call

Legacy Landscapes Fund is incredibly pleased to announce its first open call for proposals. With this call, LLF makes strides towards protecting the world’s most important conservation areas by funding 7-12 new sites.


All documents and further information required to apply, including the grant program guide, glossary, and templates, can be found over on our Call for Proposals page.


LLF will provide financing for two kinds of programs to support legacy landscapes: perpetual funding of USD one million per year, or 15-year-long funding of USD one million per year. For both types of grant, a minimum of 1:2 and a maximum of 1:1 match funding is required.


LLF will evaluate the proposed concepts based on several criteria, primarily the importance of the site and quality of the concept. For this call, the location of the legacy landscapes must be in an ODA (Official development assistance) country.

The deadline for submitting a concept note is 30 April 2022 at 12:00 am CET.




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