3rd 2020 IFED online training - MFE 208: effective management of protected areas (PAs) (copie)

Protected areas are the main mechanism for safeguarding biodiversity. As such, they are the cornerstone that each State possesses to ensure both the achievement of objectives for the maintenance and sustainable use of biodiversity and the fulfillment of its commitments with respect to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) or other relevant international conventions.


However, despite efforts to conserve biodiversity and biological heritage through protected areas, the world's biological diversity is increasingly threatened or even endangered for many of them linked to pressures of all kinds, but also because of the vulnerability of the local populations, the problems of sustainable financing. This should lead ecologists, managers of protected areas, local populations, technicians and engineers in the concerned administrations to rethink current strategies for management of protected areas.


This course will enable participants to master the tools and techniques for effective planning and management of PAs, in order to significantly improve their contribution to the conservation of biological diversity and to the alleviation of the living conditions of local populations. It will also allow to master management and evaluation standards, as well as sustainable financing mechanisms for Pas, the soft underbelly of any sustainable biodiversity management strategy, thus contributing to the mitigation of the thorny issue of the economic and ecological profitability of protected areas conservation.


This training, organized by IFED in partnership with Queen's University (Ontario, Canada), will be facilitated by trainers and high-level professionals with proven (many years) experience in the field of training and management of protected areas. The experiences of some countries in the management of protected areas will allow participants to gain a good understanding of current practices in other countries and to explore new perspectives for the management of the sites for which they are responsible.


Consult the poster which summarizes the articulations of this training which will take place online from 02 to 06 November 2020.


A training certificate will be issued to participants. Course notes and possibly videos will be made available to those who, for various pertinent reasons, will not be able to participate in certain sessions.


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