WWF - Head of Monitoring, Research, Primate Habituation, One Health and Forest Department

The main roles of this position are to provide technical oversight and leadership to ensure the effective management of the Primate Habituation Programme (PHP), Monitoring, research, animal health/’One Health’ and forest management activities in the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas (DSPA), and transfer technical and management knowledge and experience to the DSPA staff.


Major duties and responsibilities:

Ensures that primate habituation programme (PHP) and related research activities are managed to the highest international standards (approx. 20%):

- Supervise all aspects of the PHP focussing essentially on Lowland Gorilla and Agile Mangabey;

- Support the PHP Technical Assistant in ensuring the day-to-day operations and management of the PHP, including spending time at field sites in the forest (Bai Hokou and Mongambe);

- Ensure that the habituation process is conducted using a non-invasive methodology that minimises risk (stress, disease, injury, behaviour change) to the primates. Similarly, ensure the risks of injuries and of transmission of disease to visitors, staff and volunteers are minimised;

- Ensure the PHP adheres to IUCN best practise guidelines;

- Lead the process of digitization of PHP data collection and ensure that the various data are properly organised, stored, backed-up, archived and disseminated as needed;

- Support the maintenance of PHP camps (Bai Hokou and Mogambe).


Application deadline: July 10, 2023

Position Base: Bayanga, Central African Republic


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