USAID - Regional Political Economy Analysis of the Forest Sector in Central Africa

USAID’s Forest and Biodiversity Support Activity is seeking expressions of interest from qualified individuals with a background in political economy analysis, forest economics, and experience in Central Africa to design and implement a Regional Political Economy Analysis (PEA) focused on the timber sector.


The PEA will assess and developed targeted recommendations for USAID and other actors to effectively support governance improvements in Central Africa’s Forest sector, with an emphasis on understanding the underlying power dynamics and interests that shape allocation and exploitation of forests, reviewing political and macroeconomic factors influencing forest fiscal frameworks, and crafting effective policy responses that strengthen economic, social, and ecosystem resilience.


While each Central African country’s sector is governed by a specific set of laws, regulations, and practices, it is critical to also understand how regional trends including infrastructure and special economic zones, trade agreements, and regional collaboration shape national processes. The PEA will therefore identify key regional trends and questions that shape the future of Central Africa’s logging sector, and assess national policies, priorities, and influences for Cameroon, Central African Republic, DRC, Gabon, and ROC to guide future policy interventions.


The PEA Expert/Team Leader will work with country consultants in the PEA target countries. The PEA Team will work in close collaboration with relevant FABS staff to collect information through a literature review and interviews with key informants in national and local governments, regional bodies, civil society, the industrial and artisanal logging sector, and major forest sector donors. The analysis should point to the real incentive structures and obstacles for change and identify key actors at the regional and national levels. The analysis should identify who the power holders are, how they exercise their power, and who is likely to be a champion for addressing the underlying policy, governance, and economic challenges necessary to improve long-term sustainable management of Central Africa’s forests.


Please submit your application no later than December 15th. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications in French are also accepted.


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