WRI - Finance Associate, Urban Water Resilience Initiative

In this role, you will work with 6 cities in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and South Africa to recommend and develop finance and funding strategies for urban water resilience projects in those geographic contexts. You will work closely with the Project Lead and city stakeholders to identify priority projects in each city and conduct the needed research to identify investment opportunities and financing strategies for 1-2 priority urban water initiatives in each city.


The scope of work for this role will include partnering with city stakeholders (& external consultants, experts as required) to develop early-stage financial planning (including cost-benefit analysis, assessment of co-benefits and identification of project partners), assessing the funding opportunities & revenue streams available for each selected project type (including one time funding – grants, loans, federal transfers etc; and ongoing revenue - taxes, tariffs, fees, levy etc.), and investment needed through the project lifecycle (pre-development, implementation and O&M funding) and producing recommendation to improve project bankability. In some cases, this will involve recruiting and managing partners or consultants to implement the finance research. Working closely with city stakeholders, experts and through own research, you will identify opportunities to meet project funding needs through municipal or state revenue, national or international grants or private sector investment.


You will also conduct research as needed to identify the best options for financing the city could lead on including city budget & revenue allocation, general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, land use regulations/fees, impact bonds, green bonds, special assessment districts, tax increment financing as well as public-private finance options (PPPs, pooled financing, performance contracting, insurance linked solutions, loans, loan guarantees etc) In addition, you will organize and participate in stakeholder workshops to brainstorm, ideate, and integrate financing approaches for initiatives in the city’s urban water action plan. This includes financing for project design and development, implementation, and ongoing project maintenance. He/she will work with city stakeholders and Thriving Resilient Cities Director to scope technical assistance, identify partners to complete technical assistance including detailed analysis to advance projects towards implementation.


You will assess and integrate local policy, regulatory & institutional context while making recommendations on specific interventions governments and development partners can take to improve water sector finance (i.e. recommendations to improve creditworthiness, develop frameworks for green bond initiatives, and improve communication between service providers and lenders). In addition, you will support researching best practices in water financing to share across the Africa urban water resilience network.


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