WWF-Evaluation of Human – Wildlife interactions with focus on Human- Elephant conflicts, in WWF Cameroon Supported landscapes: Case of the West Coast Cluster of Mount Cameroon National Park, South West region

The goal of this consultancy as captured in its TORs, is to; provide specific guidelines for the longterm and dynamic managment of human-wildlife encounters, conflicts and co-existence in the west coast of the coastal forests programme (CFP) in the South West Region of Cameroon and generate lessons for ogther programmes. The CFP also has the specificities of hosting WWF Cameroon’s biggest Civil Society support programme facilitating the Management of four Protected Areas: Korup, Banyang Mbo, Bakossi and Mount Cameroon.


The successful implementation of this consultancy must consider the full context of policy, agroindustry, forests, protected areas and civil society interactions in this geopgrahical local. Of course, considering the ongong socio-political crisis, this part of the tasks will be restricted to specific areas of the West Coast and will be implemented under strict respect of directives and other security guidelines.


The required deliverables are outlined in the table below. It is expected that the consultant will use the details of the SAFE approach to prepare the technical and Financial Bid. Therefore, selection will depend to a significant extent on the quality of the deliverables taking into consideration the details of the technical requirements of each Step in the SAFE approach. Innovation and experience will score high marks, but these must be realistic, cost-effective and simple to implement in the given context. The details of the timeline for the different deliverables will be discussed and agreed to during the inception process.


Interested candidates must submit, by January 20 2022.


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