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Welcome to CBFP Kinshasa meetings, 8 to 11 December 2020

The Facilitation of the Federal Republic of Germany of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), the Acting Presidency of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will be jointly hosting the 8th CBFP Council and related meetings from 08 to 11 December 2020 in Kinshasa.

Several Partners’ Side Events will also be held by the partners throughout the week-long meeting marathon.

The Council Meeting will be organized with the financial support of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the technical support of the GIZ technical cooperation.


Please be advised that COVID 19 testing is now mandatory for anyone entering and leaving the DRC. We will send participants detailed information in this respect in due course. Naturally, COVID precautionary measures will be in place during the conference.


We are aware that this CBFP Council Meeting will entail more than the usual challenges in terms of organization and logistics as we wrap up 2020 and will therefore require more flexibility. That said, we believe no effort should be spared in preparing the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, ECCAS, COMIFAC and the Congo Basin countries and their vicinity in a timely and appropriate manner, for the crucial global decisions that will be taken next year.


Thematic Expert Workshop: 8-9 December 2020

Talking of related meetings, thematic workshops which also serve as technical segments for experts involved in the High Level Political Dialogue, will be held on 08 and 09 December 2020, focusing on preparing Central Africa and its partners for the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity, and the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on the one hand and, the EU-Africa, EU-China Summits and World Congresses on Biodiversity and Forests on the other hand.

The technical segments will discuss the commitments the countries are willing to make to contribute to the success of international negotiations, and will also come up with a list of demands the countries will put to the international community, to help them keep their commitments.


CBFP Civil Society Day, 8 December 2020

A CBFP Civil Society Day hosted by CPR CEFDHAC and ROSCEVAC, Co-Leaders of the CBFP Civil Society College, will run concurrently with the thematic workshops, on 8 December 2020.


Transhumance Day on 9 December 2020

Alongside the thematic workshops, the Monitoring the Implementation of the N’Djamena Declaration on Transhumance DAY will be held on 9 December 2020.

High-Level Political Dialogue - 10 December 2020

A High-Level Political Dialogue between the financial partners (grouped within the CBFP Donor College) and the Ministers of Forestry / Environment / Climate of the Central African countries, the members of COMIFAC / ECCAS and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS, CBFP Regional College). It will take place on the afternoon of 10 December 2020. The dialogue will be centred on the common position of the ECCAS / COMIFAC countries regarding the Congo Basin forests and their vicinity in preparation for major international events which urgently require the united participation of all the Central African countries and their partners. The High-Level Political Dialogue will be preceded on the morning of 10 December 2020 by a Donor College meeting held simultaneously with a Regional College meeting.


8th CBFP Council Meeting – 11 December 2020

The eighth CBFP Council Meeting will be held on 11 December 2020 in Kinshasa, DRC. It will be chaired by the Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), the Honourable Dr Christian Ruck, and Co-chaired by the Acting Chairman of COMIFAC, His Excellency Jules Doret Ndongo, Cameroon Minister of Forestry and Wildlife.


It will be graced by the presence of politicians, senior representatives of ECCAS and COMIFAC, diplomatic representatives and high-ranking representatives of the technical and financial partners.

Other delegates who will be actively involved in the proceedings include representatives of the CBFP’s seven colleges, namely:

  • The CBFP Regional College: ECCAS, COMIFAC and the Congo
  • The CBFP Civil Society College: CEFDHAC and ROSCEVAC
  • The CBFP International NGO College: AWF and WWF
  • The CBFP Private Sector College: ATIBT, Earthworms Foundation /TFT
  • The CBFP Donor College: EU and US
  • The CBFP Scientific and Academic College: CIFOR and IRET
  • The CBFP Multilateral College: GVTC/ITTO, UNESCO/FAO


Some of the college representatives will be accompanied by advisers and other members of CBFP colleges who will be taking part in an observer capacity. The meeting will gather close to 100 participants.


As announced in its roadmap, the German CBFP Facilitation is fully committed to building on the results already achieved through the CBFP’s governance reform, and therefore relies on the smooth functioning of the CBFP Council and Partner Colleges.


As a matter of fact, the CBFP cooperation framework provides that the “CBFP Council shall meet twice a year”. Thus, the eighth Council Meeting will consolidate the CBFP’s strengthened governance while providing the ideal framework for broad dialogue, and effective cooperation between all stakeholders in the partnership whose membership has grown considerably since its inception. Also, the members of the CBFP Council will take stock of the coordination and harmonization of initiatives aimed at promoting the Congo Basin forest ecosystems, and will seek to strike a balance between sustainable forest management strategies on the one hand, and the region’s economic development objectives on the other hand. Throughout the meeting, CBFP Council members will be provided with adequate spaces for discussions.


The detailed agenda of the Eighth CBFP Council Meeting, as well as practical and logistical information, will be available on the CBFP website once they are finalized.

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Ninth Meeting of the CBFP Governing Council in Douala: major strides in the implementation of the CBFP and partners' roadmap and new challenges ahead

The 9th Meeting of the CBFP Governing Council was held on Friday 16 July 2021 in Douala Cameroon by video conference at the Hotel La Falaise. This meeting was part of the CBFP's cooperation framework, which provides for the CBFP Council to meet twice a year, and followed Experts Meeting to follow up on the N'Djamena Conference on the development of country investment plans focusing on zoonoses, transhumance, the fight against cross-border poaching, security and sustainable development between the Sahel and the Congo Basin, which was held from 12 to 15 July 2021 at the same venue.

The Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany of the CBFP, Honorable Dr Christian Ruck wishes you the best for the year 2021!

In this festive season at the end of the year 2020, we are pleased to get back to you to express our appreciation, because from our interactions during this year 2020 that is drawing to a close, we have benefited from your diverse and rich contributions and proactive engagements that have enriched and enhanced our joint partnership. Together, we have moved forward and the successful implementation of the CBFP meetings in Kinshasa has confirmed this conviction. This is our joint success! Together, we have moved forward! Together, we have raised the standard of the Congo Basin and its peripheries.

Council Meeting

The Eighth CBFP Council Meeting will take place from 26 to 29 May in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The next Meeting of CBFP Parties

will take place at the end of 2020 or in the first quarter of 2021 in one of the Central African countries