CBFP MOP19: Minutes of the 10th CBFP Governing Council

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Minutes of the 10th CBFP Governing Council

Libreville (Gabonese Republic) - 7 July 2022 - The 10th CBFP Governing Council Meeting was held on held on 7 July 2022 and chaired by Hon. Dr. Christian Ruck, CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, co-chaired by His Excellency Mr. Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife of Cameroon, current Chairman of COMIFAC and hosted by His Excellency Prof. Lee White, represented by His Excellency Michel Stéphane Bonda, Minister Delegate of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Cameroon. Lee White, represented by His Excellency Michel Stéphane Bonda, Minister Delegate of the Ministry of Water, Forestry, Sea and Environment in charge of the Climate Plan and Land Use Plan, Gabon. Minister of Water, Forestry, Sea and Environment of Gabon. The meeting was enhanced by the effective participation of politicians, ministers of forestry / environment of Central African countries and High Representatives of ECCAS, COMIFAC, OCFSA and GVTC.


About 150 participants, representing the seven colleges of CBFP and about forty participants, also actively attended the meeting:

  • CBFP Regional College: ECCAS, COMIFAC and Ministers accompanied by the COMIFAC National Coordinators of COMIFAC member countries;
  • CBFP civil society college: CEFDHAC-CPR and ROSCEVAC accompanied by the REPAR representative;
  • CBFP International NGOs College: AWF, WCS accompanied by
  • CBFP Private Sector College: ATIBT and Volcanoes Safaris
  • CBFP Donors' College: US – UK
  • CBFP Scientific and Academic College: Uni Laval – RIFFEAC
  • CBFP Multilateral College: UNESCO and GVTC


Following the introduction by the CBFP Co-Facilitator and the minute's silence held in memory of the former Executive Secretary of COMIFAC, Mr. Raymond Domba Ngoye, who passed away recently, the draft agenda was adopted by the Governing Council. The CBFP Facilitator, Hon. Dr. Ruck, and the Executive Secretary of COMIFAC, Mr. Hervé Maidou, respectively delivered keynote speeches underlining the importance of this 10th CBFP Governing Council meeting within the framework of the 19th meeting of the parties in Libreville.

Hon. Dr. Ruck gave a summary of the CBFP Facilitation Report of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Governing Council and outlined the prospects for the CBFP in the future. In this respect, he stressed the importance of fully integrating protected areas into the management of Central African forest landscapes in synergy with other economic and social activities. The next roadmap should insist on strengthening the coordination of the multiple actors involved in the Congo Basin Forest sector and make it a priority, as well as enhancing efforts to better regulate the transhumance sub-sector with regard to the implementation of the Ndjamena Agreement. A second meeting, Ndjamena 2, should be held soon. The third key point of the roadmap is to strengthen the dialogue with China, pointing out that the majority of Central African tropical wood is sold on the Asian markets. He announced that the College of Donors will be co-chaired by the UK, and confirms that donors will increase their involvement in the new funding mechanisms following the commitments announced in Glasgow. In conclusion, the Facilitator congratulated France for agreeing to take over the next CBFP Facilitation.


On behalf of Mr. Philippe Lacoste, Director of Sustainable Development at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his representative Ms de Boisfleury underlined France's interest in taking over the facilitation of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership. The major projects undertaken by the German facilitation will be continued by the French facilitation.

The floor was given to the various CBFP college presidents to share their respective statements and recommendations:


  1. ROSEFAC and CEFDHAC, on behalf of the Civil Society College, call for greater involvement of civil society in all the actions undertaken to improve forest management, both at the level of national bodies and local actions and in future international conferences.
  2. AWF, on behalf of the international NGO college, after acknowledging the efforts of the facilitator, stressed the importance of systematically recalling the proposals of the previous Board meeting and reviewing their implementation. He underlined the importance, during meetings of the parties, of consultations between the different colleges and of having a space to exchange between the different streams in order to be able to cross and compare points of view. He confirmed AWF's commitment to continue with the CBFP and announced that the college would henceforth be led by WWF and WCS.
  • ATIBT, on behalf of the private sector college, representing actors from the forestry, agro-industry, mining, SME/SMI and craft sectors, stressed the importance of focusing on concrete approaches. For the next meeting, it is proposed a) to work on a landscape approach with all their key stakeholders, and b) to work on the issue of carbon as a key issue for the future. The private sector suggested that, beyond the forestry and conservation sectors, the CBFP consultation could be opened up more widely to stakeholders in the extractive and agricultural sectors.
  1. Professor Khasa of the University of Laval, on behalf of the College of Researchers and Training Institutions, summarised the activities and development of the networks involved in forestry and environmental training in Central Africa over the past thirty years. He stressed the importance of mobilising substantial financial resources, particularly for the training of new doctoral students, but also for developing new training and applied research offers.
  2. The representative of the USA, on behalf of the college of Financial Partners, recalled that meetings between donors had accelerated in 2022, following the Glasgow Declaration. The United Kingdom is now co-leader of this college. The issue at stake is working on the various possible approaches for the provision of financial resources announced in Glasgow and preparing the announcements expected at the forthcoming COP 27 in Egypt.


In conclusion, the facilitator thanked all the members of the Board for their commitment. Meetings of Parties are complex exercises, with a multitude of events concentrated and often simultaneous in a single week. It is impossible to participate in everything, but everyone can participate and contribute to the discussions on the issues that are most important to them.


The current President of COMIFAC thanked Dr. Ruck for all his efforts in the German facilitation and handed him a souvenir from Cameroon.

The key message from the President of COMIFAC, following today's closed session of the Ministers, is the announcement of their commitment to honour their financing commitments to COMIFAC and even to increase the level of their contributions. It is indeed important that the Central African States strengthen their commitment for better governance of the Congo Basin forests, in order to consolidate the commitment of Central African partners to finance forest conservation and development in Central Africa.


ECCAS Commissioner Tabuna also recalled that beyond forest conservation, all development issues must remain the focus of both national and international actors in Central Africa.


On behalf of the host country of MOP19, the Minister Delegate of MINEF Gabon concluded that after 20 years of partnership within the Congo Basin, the time has come to really implement actions. This is also the time to consider and value the Central African forest, which is a gift to the planet. Meanwhile, the COMIFAC/CEEAC countries are confronted with enormous development needs that call for a holistic approach at the level of landscapes. The COMIFAC countries are confident that with the French facilitation, which will soon follow the German facilitation, they can move forward and take new steps together. The Minister Delegate concluded by thanking the German Facilitation and all forest management actors in Central Africa.


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Partners News

CBFP MOP19 - SWM Event - Participatory, science- and rights-based community development of sustainable village hunting models: Experiences and prospects in the Congo Basin

Libreville 07-07-2022. The Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme organised a side event at MOP19 from 13:00 to 15:00. The key messages from this meeting are the following: The diversity of socio-ecological, cultural, demographic, epidemiological and economic contexts in the sub-region requires different models of wildlife management to adapt best to local realities, and in doing so, be more user-friendly and effective. Developing these models requires multidisciplinary approaches that take into account the three dimensions - ecological, economic and social - of sustainability....

MOP19 CBFP - GIZ: Towards a Triangular-Trilateral Project: Central Africa - China - Germany: Tropical Timber Trade Facility (TTT)

Libreville (Gabon), 8 July 2022 - During the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the CBFP, about 30 participants took part in a side event organised by GIZ in Tent 1 of the Raidsson blu Hotel, on a new regional project "A Triangular-Trilateral Project: Central Africa-China-Germany: Tropical Timber Trade Facility (TTT)”.

CBFP MOP19 - FAO: Assessment of Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Associated Direct Drivers Using SEPAL - Results and Prospects

Deforestation and forest degradation are complex processes that transcend borders and have many direct and underlying causes. To develop policies and take action to address forest loss and reduce associated carbon emissions, it is important to fully understand where and how anthropogenic drivers lead to forest disturbance in the Congo Basin.

MOP 19: CBFP - FERN - CAFI: Summary of High-Level Roundtable on Imported Deforestation

On 6 July 2022, the CBFP Facilitation, in collaboration with Fern and the Central Africa Forest Initiative (CAFI), organised a High-Level Roundtable on an inclusive partnership with the European Union to combat deforestation and promote sustainable development in the Congo Basin on the margins of the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP).

CBFP MOP19 - FLAG Event - "Civil Society Monitoring and Legal Watch Actions for the Protection of Central African Forests": Points Adopted

Organized on July 06, 2022 by Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG), Conservation Justice (CJ) and Brainforest, the side-event "Actions of follow-up and legal watch by the civil society for the protection of Central African forests" had as main objective to highlight the initiatives of follow-up on the environmental litigation and to discuss ways and means for an increase of similar actions. To this end, the co-organisers presented the results of their actions, including the challenges and stakes of follow-up on disputes arising from natural resource management in the Congo Basin, before an online and in-person audience.

AJVC: President of France, HE. E. Macron supports Congo Basin REJEFAC's advocacy

Yaoundé, 26 July 2022. Mrs. Esso Rosy, vice-president of the follow-up of NSAF's recommendations has successfully carried the voice of Rejefac's young leaders on the theme: green entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development, during the visit of the French President H.E. Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Cameroon.

RDP19 - CBFP – WWF- Follow-up of the impacts of conservation programs: Some examples from WWF in the Congo Basin.

Side Event Presentation, Date: 07/07/2022, Location: Libreville 2, Time: 13:40 - 14:30. Session summary: This side event was an opportunity to present the impact follow-up strategy and its foundations; with a demonstration of impacts on several sites, informing participants about the state of conservation of some protected areas in the Congo Basin. Please download the documents....

Congo Basin Forests - State of forests 2021: CBFP Partners' Key Product

This report places the Congo Basin’s Forest ecosystems in a global context characterised by debates that will guide the management of the entire world's tropical forests over the coming decades. It also addresses topical issues such as peatland management and questions about the relationship between the management of biodiversity resources and the emergence or re-emergence of zoonotic diseases, of which COVID-19 has particularly affected the context of its writing.

CBFP MOP 19 - Event ClientEarth and Brainforest - Participatory forestry: What achievement in Gabon? What lessons for the Congo Basin?

19th Meeting of the Parties of the CBFP, Radison Blu Hotel, Libreville, 06 July 2022 - As the global challenges of combating the climate crisis and biodiversity erosion increasingly focus on the protection of tropical forests, ClientEarth in partnership with Brainforest launched an invitation to discuss the political and legal basis for placing communities at the centre of forest management. The panel focused on experiences of implementing community forestry in Gabon, including opportunities and challenges. The session was marked by two phases of presentations and discussions respectively.

MOP19 CBFP - WWF Session Report: African Forest Elephants - Update on field activities and reflections on joint efforts to ensure their long-term conservation and coexistence with people

This session clarified the subsidiary, though indispensable, role of human-elephant conflict mitigation methods. It underlined the importance for conservation actors to work towards human-elephant coexistence, which is the only way to ensure the preservation of elephants and the well-being of local communities. It should be remembered that true human-elephant coexistence is a state of cohabitation where the well-being of humans and elephants is ensured in a sustainable manner. As elephants are in the same natural environment as humans, with mutual aggression linked to conflicts of interest between the two and among humans, this state of coexistence can only be achieved if communities exceed the levels of tolerance and acceptance of elephants....

CBFP MOP19 - LLF Event - Conservation and Safeguards: Social and Human Rights Safeguards in Conservation - Synergies and Lessons Learned

The Legacy Landscapes Fund organised this session with the intention of sharing good practices and creating synergies and lessons learned among conservation actors in the application of social and human rights safeguards in conservation. The Legacy Landscapes Fund is a conservation fiduciary fund that aims to protect some of the most important landscapes for biodiversity and climate on this planet in perpetuity. Therefore, it is extremely important for all stakeholders involved that these Legacy Landscapes are managed in accordance with environmental and social safeguards in order to prevent and mitigate any potential negative impact that any action may have on the environment itself, but also on the staff and the indigenous and local people who live in and around these landscapes.

CBFP MoP 19 - USG: Launching CARPE IV Event – United States Government's renewed commitment to the Congo Basin

LIBREVILLE, GABON — The United States Government is renewing its longstanding commitment to the protection, conservation, and sustainable management of the Congo Basin, the world’s second largest tropical rainforest with the launch of the fourth phase of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment, also known as CARPE. The U.S. Embassy in Libreville detailed the U.S. government’s renewed commitment to the Congo Basin at the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) Meeting of Parties held July 5‐8, 2022, in Libreville, Gabon.

Meeting of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership in Gabon: Germany commits 45 million euros for the conservation of the Congo forest

8 July 2022, Libreville – Germany has committed 45 million euros for the conservation of the Congo forest – one of the largest remaining carbon stores worldwide. That was announced today by Development State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth at the Annual Meeting of the Congo Basin Partnership in Libreville (Gabon). The forest partnership which is aimed at conserving the unique tropical region is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The region is of tremendous importance both as a carbon sink and for biodiversity. The Congo Basin forest is the second largest tropical forest after the Amazon rainforest and it is the largest carbon sink worldwide. Germany is currently chairing the Partnership. This engagement is also a contribution to the global biodiversity conference in December 2022.

CBFP MOP19: Minutes of the 10th CBFP Governing Council

Libreville (Gabonese Republic) - 7 July 2022 - The 10th CBFP Governing Council Meeting was held on held on 7 July 2022 and chaired by Hon. Dr. Christian Ruck, CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, co-chaired by His Excellency Mr. Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife of Cameroon, current Chairman of COMIFAC and hosted by His Excellency Prof. Lee White, represented by His Excellency Michel Stéphane Bonda, Minister Delegate of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Cameroon. Lee White, represented by His Excellency Michel Stéphane Bonda, Minister Delegate of the Ministry of Water, Forestry, Sea and Environment in charge of the Climate Plan and Land Use Plan, Gabon.

MOP19 CBFP – SWM event - Participatory, science-based and community rights-based development of sustainable village hunting models: experiences and prospects in the Congo Basin

Libreville 07-07-2022. The Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Programme organized a side event at RDP19 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Key messages from the side event include: The diversity of socio-ecological, cultural, demographic, epidemiologic and economic contexts in the sub-region, requires different wildlife management models to best fit local realities, and, doing so, be better accepted by users and more effective. To develop those models, multi-disciplinary approaches that consider all three – ecological, economic and social – dimensions of sustainability are needed.... Please download the document...

MOP19 CBFP – Stream 2 - Joining hands to strengthen the backbone of Africa’s natural infrastructure: a vision for protected & conserved areas

Libreville July 5 13:00 – 14:30 Stream (2) Biodiversity: The Future of Protected Areas. The Africa Protected Areas Director (APAD) forum is a platform and network open to the representatives of national authorities of Protected Areas operating throughout Africa. APAD aims to foster information sharing, develop a common agenda for Africa's protected areas, facilitate collaboration and collective responsibility among the Africa Protected Areas Directors. The platform is underpinned by an Africa-led agenda for protected and conserved areas as the backbone of natural infrastructure.

CBFP MoP 19 - Side Event - GIZ: ‘Future of transboundary pastoralism’: Main take-aways and recommendations

...Policy decisions and legislative measures aim to regulate pastoralism and require coordination between the different regulations. It is essential to draw in evidence-based facts and to be conflict sensitive by bringing the relevant actors on the table. The knowledge about regulations (regional, national, sub-national) and Follow-up on implementation require attention... Kindly download the Summary of the Event under the CBFP Website.

19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership ( MOP19): Final communiqué available for download...

From July 5 to 8, 2022, the Members Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) met in Libreville, Gabonese Republic, for their 19th meeting and celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Partnership. The 19th meeting of the Parties to the CBFP brought together approximately 600 participants representing Central African countries, donors, international organizations, NGOs, civil society, representatives of research institutions and representatives of the private sector. Please download the final communiqué of the MOP19....


MOP19 CBFP – Side event CIFOR - Evolution of measuring, reporting, and verification (MRV) after a decade of REDD+ in Central Africa: key messages

The event was based on knowledge exchange on the evolution of MRV in central Africa. It combined direct presentations including online and physical participation and had as objective to review and share lessons on more than a decade of REDD+ MRV in Central Africa, to take stock and map the way forward for improving MRV and Transparency systems in the region. The event was comprised of 4 presentations.

Central Africa, the centre of international attractiveness in the green sector for Africa...

Between July and October 2022, Central Africa is and will be the centre of the World for the planet, for humanity... Experience these events...It is even more important to underline the "Fair Deal" and need for Central Africa to closely line up to take full advantage of this key set of international meetings in order to reinforce its international visibility, given its important contribution to balance the world's climate, its genetic and biological world bank, and its socio-cultural heritage.


France will take up the Facilitator role of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) after Germany

July 2022, Libreville. France will take up the Facilitator role of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) for the second time after the United States, the European Union, Belgium and Germany. This announcement was made by Her Excellency Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secretary of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships attached to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, during the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, held from 5th to 8th July, 2022 in Libreville, Gabon.

The final communiqué of the Extraordinary Session of COMIFAC Council of Ministers, held in Libreville on 9 July, 2022 is now available for download...

Convened by Mr. Jules Doret NDONGO, the Cameroon Minister of Forestry and Wildlife and current Chairperson of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers in charge of Forests and/or Environment of member states was held in Libreville, Republic of Gabon on 9 July, 2022. This Council of Ministers session took place on the side-lines of the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP). It was preceded, on 6 and 7 July, by the Experts meeting.

CBFP 19th MoP – FSC : Understanding FSC Solutions to Strengthen the Value and Contribution of Congo Basin Forests to Sustainable Economies and the Wellbeing of Society – Key feature

During the event, FSC introduced a range of FSC solutions that are being deployed across the world and in the Congo Basin to strengthen the governance of forests for people and economy, address the climate challenge and strengthen tropical forest product value chains in traditional and emerging markets. These include...

FERN- NaturAfrica will soon replace the Central African Forest Ecosystem Program (ECOFAC)

The announcement was made by the European Union in June 2022. NaturAfrica is part of the Green Pact for Europe's overall biodiversity strategy to protect wildlife and ecosystems, capture economic opportunities for local communities and indigenous peoples (LCAPs) in green sectors, and strengthen the participation of these communities and peoples in EU programs that support biodiversity.

MOP19 – CBFP : REPALEAC to mobilize $100 million for forest and land rights of indigenous peoples in Central Africa.

6/7/2022 - During a side event organised on the sidelines of the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the CBFP in Libreville, the Network of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities of Central Africa (REPALEAC) presented its strategy to mobilise 100 million US dollars for recognition and securing of land and forest rights of the indigenous and local communities it represents. This financing is part of the Glasgow 1.7 billion pledge for PACL land tenure rights.

MOP19 in the media: – RFI : Ministers in charge of Central African Forests convene to preserve the environment

Co-organised by the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), this meeting is geared towards finding common and sustainable solutions for the preservation of the Congo Basin forests. There are many financing promises for these forests. However, according to participants, they do not always serve the right purpose.

Contribution of the Pilot Initiatives of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) to the Sustainable Management of Protected Areas in Central Africa

The 15th edition of the World Forestry Congress (WFC) was hosted in Seoul, South Korea, from 2nd – 6th May 2022. This landmark conference of the world’s forestry sector serves as an international platform for exchange between government representatives, civil society organisations and development partners. It is also a forum for drafting recommendations and declarations on key forestry issues, namely, sustainable management, desertification, biodiversity conservation, etc. Thus, the conference is of great strategic importance for the Congo Basin which, as the second green lung of the planet, also has many claims to make.

MOP19- Final Program

The 19th Meeting of the Parties of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership will start tomorrow, July 05, until July 08, 2022. For four (4) days, it will be a question of finding ways and means to accelerate the implementation of the COMIFAC Declaration, the Glasgow Declaration on the "Fair Deal", and all the results of the international conferences through workshops, discussions and round tables.

RDP 19: Registration Schedule

Registration for the 19th Meeting of the Parties of the PFBC from July 5 - 8, 2022 started yesterday July 03 from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. If you have not yet registered, please go to the Radisson Blu Hotel, on the 1st floor in front of the Libreville 1 room according to the days and times below...

MOP19: Press kit

From 5 - 8 July 2022, Gabon, member of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), shall host the 19th Meeting of the Parties, jointly chaired by His Excellency Dr Christian Ruck, Goodwill Ambassador, CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Excellency Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forests and Wildlife of Cameroon, current Chairperson of COMIFAC, and His Excellency Prof. Lee White, Gabon’s Minister of Water, Forest, Sea, and Environment in charge of Climate Change and Land-use Plan.