Conclusions of the CBFP Workshop on the Role of Industrial Logging

Douala, May 20, 2009 - One of the basic objectives of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership as defined in its Cooperation Framework is "to promote the sustainable management of forests in the sub-region as stated and recognised in the Yaoundé Declaration (1999)." Industrial logging is seen by the majority of partners as forming part of the sustainable management of production forest concessions, with forest certification being the tool that can enable consumers and processing companies to distinguish between timber produced under sustainable management conditions and that originating from logging operations managed in a less transparent manner.

With a view to contributing to the public debate on the economic, social and environmental impact of industrial logging – a debate which has brought to light some contradictory stances, to say the least – the CBFP offered to hold a consultation workshop on “The role of industrial logging in the sustainable management of Congo Basin forests” (19-20 May 2009) in Douala, Cameroon, to develop a joint vision of the CBFP partners in the positive and negative consequences of industrial logging on the system for sustainably managing Central African forests.

The German facilitation team invited scientists, local NGOs and representatives from logging companies to talk about their experiences, in order to establish the impact that sustainable industrial logging would have on the ecological development in the implementation area,  and on the economic and social development of  the local population, especially highly forest-dependent groups. This workshop was also an opportunity to explore the real impact of the global economic crisis, which has had a severe effect on the construction industry in Europe and the United States, on the forestry sector in the countries of Central Africa.

docs/fotos/tracabilite_bois.jpg Download the workshop's conclusions (translated to English by GTZ)
View the workshop's documentation (in French)
Photo (Hans Schipulle) A member of the timber monitoring team explains the traceability
system to Samuel Makon, CBFP Facilitator Delegate. The blue spots on the logs signals FSC certified timber 


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First GCF Green Champions to be announced at COP25

The GCF Green Champions Awards was launched in August this year to recognise and promote the most noteworthy and successful efforts to fight climate change in developing countries. The nominees, which include outstanding individuals and organisations driving climate transformation, are among the prime examples of initiatives that exemplify environmental, social and business-led commitments to combat climate change.

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Thegef-The next challenge for business: adapting to climate change

The private sector must begin preparing for climate change and the ensuing disruption to operations and services with new approaches. The future success of the private sector may not only depend on how successfully it can mitigate, but also on how it can adapt to climate change. Extreme weather events are already causing havoc to operations, supply chains and commerce all over the world.

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GEF to showcase power of partnerships at Madrid climate summit

As financial mechanism of the UN climate convention (UNFCCC), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) will play a central role in Madrid in helping advance negotiations on topics such as finance and technology transfer, and in highlighting examples of where climate change action is bearing fruit, where it can be scaled up, and where more work must be done, especially in least developed countries.

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Adaptation Fund at COP25

The 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25), as well as CMP15 and CMA2 will be held from December 2-13, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. The conference was originally scheduled to take place in Santiago, Chile, but the venue was changed due to the difficult situation the country was undergoing. However, Chile remains as the COP25 Presidency with Spain stepping forward to host this conference of “action”, demonstrating the spirit of cooperation and partnership in the fight against climate change.

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Rwanda and Republic of Congo receive project funding approved during Adaptation Fund Board meeting - Adaptation Fund Board Approves US$ 63 Million in New Projects, Including First Innovation and Scale-Up Grants

The new grant window projects approved by the Board include small innovation grants for Armenia (through its NIE, EPIU) and Chile (through its NIE, AGCID), and one project scale-up grant for Rwanda through its NIE, the Ministry of Environment…Through its concrete project funding process, the Board approved six concrete adaptation projects totaling over US$ 52 million in Congo, El Salvador, Georgia, Malawi, the Republic of Moldova, and a regional project in Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda

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GCF-Green Climate Fund Board commits an additional USD 407.8 million to combat climate crisis

No mobilization for Central Africa during the 24th GCF Board meeting which allocates USD 407.8 million, raising GCF's total portfolio to USD 5.6 billion. The Board 24th approved 13 new projects. Similarly, for Central Africa no projects were approved under the Simplified Approval Process (SAP) as well as accreditation during the 24th GCF Board meeting…

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AF-Adaptation Fund’s New E-Learning Course on Direct Access Designed to Help Countries and Stakeholders Unlock Climate Finance

Washington, D.C. (November 27, 2019) — The Adaptation Fund has enhanced its suite of knowledge products with the launch of an interactive new learning tool aimed at helping developing country organizations improve access to adaptation finance.

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Climate Investment Funds and International Solar Alliance Unveil Partnership to Drive Global Solar Investment

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) and International Solar Alliance (ISA) have formed a strategic partnership to promote solar energy deployment across 121 developing countries. Announced today at ISA’s Second Assembly, the new alliance will harness the comparative advantages of each organization—one of the world’s largest multilateral climate finance mechanisms and a premier global solar energy platform—to help mobilize additional financing for critical solar initiatives within ISA member countries.

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