Investing in Africa's biodiversity for a resilient and sustainable future

Friday 05 June 10am GMT

Cambridge, UK, 4th June 2020—tomorrow, World Environment Day, the African Development Bank in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment of Cote d'Ivoire, UN Environment Programme (West Africa, Secretariat of the Convention of Abidjan), and civil society actors, are organising a webinar to inspire new perspectives on how to preserve terrestrial biodiversity in Africa.

The session will discuss the COVID-19 crisis and its links to wildlife trade and, above all, explore potential solutions for a common and co-ordinated response by the countries of the continent to combat illegal exploitation and illegal trade in wild flora and fauna, and to promote national, regional and international responsibility for the safeguarding of all wild fauna and flora in Africa.

Denis Mahonghol, a Senior Programme Co-ordinater based in TRAFFIC's Cameroon office is among the speakers said: “As the world enters environmental and economic meltdown brought on by a zoonotic disease induced health crisis, today's World Environment Day is an opportunity to reflect on how we got to this position and to recognise that it is within our grasp to build a sustainable and equitable future, but we need to act fast.“


Other panellists include Inza Koné, President of the African Society of Primatology, Dr Kroa Éhoulé, West African Health Organization (WAHO), Dr Jeanne Ntain, Biodiversity Focal Point, and Dr Kalemani Jo Mulongoy, co-chair of the IPBES and Institute for Enhanced Livelihoods.


This is the first of two webinars organised by the Bank. A second webinar will take place on June 8th, World Oceans Day to examine West African marine protected areas network and Marine resources, blue economy and ocean governance.


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