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Once a month, the Congo Basin Forest Partnership News Flash provides an update on the development of activities within the partnership and presents a selection of news, new reports published by partners and a summary of the latest events.

To avoid a formatting containing too many "heavy" items that would make the News Flash difficult to download, messages and texts are simplified with direct links to the CBFP and partner websites.

Therefore, even with a slow Internet connection, you will be able to read the latest newsletter and the archive that will be made available to you on this web page.


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Links to previously published Flash News
Flash Info (en français) Flash News (in English)
PFBC Info 12/2023 Flash news 12/2023
PFBC programme de la Co-Facilitation France Gabon à la COP28 CBFP programme de la Co-Facilitation France Gabon à la COP28
PFBC Info 11/2023 Flash news 11/2023
PFBC Flash Spécial Congo Basin Pledge PFBC Flash Spécial Congo Basin Pledge
PFBC Flash Spécial COP28 CBFP Special Flash COP28
Rapport de la Facilitation Allemande du PFBC Report from the CBFP German Facilitation
Flash Info 04/2023 Flash news 04/2023
Flash Info 03/2022 Flash news 03/2022
Flash info 12/2021 Flash news 11/2021
PFBC Flash spécial COP26 COP26 CBFP Special Flash
Package d'études du PFBC CBFP Study package publications
Invitation à la cérémonie de signature de la déclaration du PFBC

Invitation to the signing ceremony of the CBFP Declaration

Flash info 09/2021 Flash news 09/2021
Invitation Symposium sur les Forêts Tropicales Invitation to the Tropical Forest Symposium
Flash info 06/2021 Flash news 06/2021
Flash info 05/2021 Flash news 05/2021
Flash info 04/2021 Flash news 04/2021
Flash info 02/2021 Flash news 02/2021
Flash info 01/2021 Flash news 01/2021
Flash info 11/2020 Flash news 11/2020
Flash Info 09/2020 Flash News 09/2020
Flash Info 07/2020 Flash News 07/2020
Flash Info 06/2020 Flash News 06/2020
Flash Info 04/2020 Flash News 04/2020
Flash Info 12/2019 Flash News 12/2019
Flash Info 11/2019 Flash News 11/2019
Flash Info 09/2019 Flash News 09/2019
Flash Info 08/2019 Flash News 08/2019
Flash Info 04/2019 Flash News 04/2019