CBFP Annual Meeting of Parties

The annual CBFP Meeting of Parties serves as the “General Assembly” of the Partnership. This meeting is held annually in one of the COMIFAC Member States and brings together all CBFP stakeholders.


The official agenda of the Annual Meeting of CBFP Parties features a technical segment consisting of thematic workshops, also known as “streams” followed by a policy segment during which meetings are held by the Colleges and the CBFP Council, leading to a high-level plenary session which adopts conclusions and recommendations.


Alongside the official agenda, an exhibition area allows partners to showcase their programmes and activities and host a number of side events.


All the information on the 20th Meeting of the Parties (MOP) of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) in the next few days.


Previous Meetings of CBFP Parties are available : Here

Invitation and registration

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Exhibition area

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Media information note

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Publications and reports

This section contains all the reports of previous meetings of the CBFP parties.

All these reports are available at the following link: Reports of the former meetings of the CBFP parties