How to become member of the CBFP?

Membership to the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) is voluntary and open to all States, international organizations and institutions, NGOs, research institutions and the private sector. In order to formalize membership, the CBFP recommends that members comply with the following procedure:

  • Express the interest to become a member of the CBFP and comply with the “cooperation framework of CBFP members”. This cooperation framework is publicly available in English and French on the CBFP website (key documents): Click here to download and here;
  • Prospective partners should have a regional mission scope, with concrete projects, activities or operations in several countries within the COMIFAC area. Inquiries from groups active only in one country will be referred to CEFDHAC for membership in a relevant existing national network or forum.
  • Maintain effective cooperation in the forestry and environmental sector with one or more CBFP members working in the Congo Basin and more specifically with the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC).
  • Submit a request to the CBFP Facilitator by email indicating the new member’s compliance to the principles of the cooperation framework. The letter should indicate the applicant’s priority actions and how they fall in line with the COMIFAC Convergence Plan.
  • Appoint one or more contact persons (at the headquarters and in the region), with one designated as a focal point. After receiving the request from the prospective member, the CBFP Facilitation shall send out a note to all partners, informing them of the admission of the new member.

Membership to the CBFP is free of charge and shall not have any direct financial implications. However, a new partner is expected to be active within the CBFP, making various contributions which may take the following forms:

  • Actively sharing information concerning the partner’s activities with other members;
  • Advice and services to partners, especially those of the Congo Basin;
  • Co-funding of common initiatives on a voluntary basis;
  • Voluntary implementation of programs/projects in line with the COMIFAC Convergence Plan;
  • Attending CBFP partner meetings;
  • Advocacy for the conservation and sustainable management of forest ecosystems within the COMIFAC area and the well-being of local and indigenous communities.
  • Attending ad hoc committees to the best of their ability and at the express request of the Facilitator.

The CBFP Facilitation Team welcomes all its new members.

How to Become a CBFP Member