Members / Colleges

CBFP Members

The partnership brings together the 11 member states of the COMIFAC, donor agencies, international organisations, NGOs, scientific institutions and private sector representatives. It counts over 128 members who share the commitment to enhance communication and coordination among them and to create synergies between their respective projects, programs and policies, in support of the COMIFAC convergence Plan.

What is the role of the CBFP colleges?

The colleges are introduced in order to allow each partner to express their views more easily than is possible at the annual Meetings of Parties and to ensure that channels for information-sharing are established and function as efficiently as possible. The colleges assemble CBFP partners of the same category and as such provide a forum where issues and concerns of common interest can be expressed and discussed.

Consideration inside the colleges constitutes the way through which individual CBFP partners can propose issues which they think should be discussed in the CBFP Council. Similarly, the colleges provide a mechanism for groups of partners to exchange views on the outcome of meetings of the CBFP Council and of the annual Meetings of CBFP Parties.

The colleges are designated on the basis of their composition as follows:

The CBFP Regional College
The CBFP Civil Society College
The CBFP International NGO College
The CBFP Private Sector College
The CBFP Donor College
The CBFP Scientific and Academic College
The CBFP Multilaterals College